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The audience is restaurant owners and managers, food service operators, executive chefs, hotel management directors, caterers, and related professionals.

The campaign is sent to those that request a free trial of the software. The goal is to get them to buy the full version. Toward that goal, the automated series facilitates the download and use of the trial software, so that leads learn firsthand how powerful and easy to use it is. The series also identifies the benefits and other selling points of the product at each stage of the buying cycle. Furthermore, it makes it as easy as possible for the lead to access the order form.

Day Sent

Message Subject


Download CostGuard & Start Saving


12 Ways to Lower [[name]]'s Food Costs


Beware Any Software That's Too Cheap


CostGuard's Learning Curve Just Got Flatter


10 Ways to Save Time with CostGuard


How much didn't you save this month?


Is Food still Eating your Profit?

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