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When people visit websites and receive email marketing messages, they often feel impatient, confused, and mistrustful. Can you blame them? The Internet is fraught with forms that ask too much, pages designed inconsistently, absent privacy policies, and copy that does not capture—much less hold—attention.

If you are going to get customers to offer their personal information and money, you better make:

  • your offer clear
  • the layout of information logical
  • your copy persuasive
  • the right elements stand out

My job is finding out where your customers are getting hung up and making it easier for them to continue. I have spent the last nine years developing and refining web copy, layouts, landing pages, ads, email campaigns, forms, and whatever factors most affect conversion rates. I am confident I can find ways to increase your sales, subscriptions, leads, trials, downloads, retention, and referrals.

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